samedi 25 février 2017

un dude de Côte des Neiges qui connait le japonais
pour avoir vécu au pays du soleil levant
- belle image! -
pendant une très longue année
one from Suffolk who lived in London, Glasgow,
Vancouver and now Montreal
pis un autre, un redneck de Chicout'
who dreams way to much 'bout love
speaking about past voyages
and the ones to come
Paris, London, Prague, Rome and Barcelona
speaking sports and rules
badminton, cricket, squash, hockey and rugby
speaking about different languages
syntax, prose and poetry
reading Joyce, Kerouac and Ginsberg
listening to old drum and bass
and Run the jewels
and Blue Train from Coltrane
and fucking Glenn Gould
drinking wine, beer, bourbon and Lagavulin 12 years old
twelve dead glasses on the table
Ma française is not that good anymore
It's because you're drunk - Yeah you're right, cheers mates!
We're not changing the world
but it feels like a better place right now

1 commentaire:

  1. Sophocle!
    Je suis encore saoul
    Blanc Bourbon
    Complètement Laga
    Suffolk! On s'en fout
    La clémentine
    ne pourrira jamais
    Ni la poutine
    Cheers mates!