vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Ti-Jean just killed me with this one :

I was smelling flowers in the yard, and
when I stood up I took a deep breath and
the blood all rushed to my brain and I woke up
dead on my back in the grass. I had apparently
fainted, or died, for about sixty seconds. My
neighbour saw me but he thought I had just
suddenly thrown myself on the grass to enjoy
the sun. During that timeless moment of
unconsciousness I saw the golden eternity. I saw
heaven. In it nothing had ever happened, the
events of a millions years ago were just as phantom
and ungraspable as the events of the next
ten minutes. It was perfect, the golden solitude,
the golden emptiness, Something-Or-Other, something
surely humble. There was a rapturous ring of
silence abiding perfectly. There was no question
of being alive or not being alive, of likes and
dislikes, of near or far, no question of giving
or gratitude, no question of mercy or judgment,
or of suffering or its opposite or anything.
It was the womb itself, aloneness, alaya vijnana
the universal store, the Great Free Treasure, the
Great Victory, infinite completion, the joyful
mysterious essence of Arrangement. It seemed
like one smiling smile, one adorable adoration, 
one gracious and adorable charity, everlasting
safety, refreshing afternoon, roses, infinite
brillant immaterial golden ash, the Golden Age.
The "golden" came from the sun in my eyelids,
and the "eternity" form my sudden instant
realization as I woke up that i had just
been where it all came from and here it
was all retourning, the everlasting So, and
so never coming or going, therefore I call it
the golden eternity but you can call it
anything you want. As I regained
consciousness I felt so sorry I had
a body and a mind suddenly realizing I
dinde aven have a body and a mind and nothing
had ever happened and everything is alright 
forever and forever and forever, O thank you
thank you thank you.

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