jeudi 10 novembre 2016

105th chorus

Essence is like absence of reality,
Just like absence of non-reality
Is the same essence anyhow.

Essence is what sunlight is
At the same time that moonlight is, 
Both have light, both have shape,
Both have darkness, both are late:

Both are late because empty thereof,
Empty is light, empty is dark,
    what's difference between emptiness
    of brightness and dark?

What's the difference between absence
Of reality, joy, or meaning
In middle of bubble, as being same
As middle of man, non-bubble

Man is the same as man,
The same as no-man, the same
As Anyman, Everyman, Asiman,
           (asinine man)
Man is nowhere till he knows,

       The essence of emptiness
          is essence of gold.

- Jack Kerouac, Mexico City Blues

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