dimanche 15 mai 2016

"Coming at roughly the half-way point of his output, Hamlet marks a sea-change in Shakespeare's view of himself and his abilities. Everything he had written seems like preparation for this moment, as he reaches higher and wider than ever before, going out of his way to show off every aspect of his consummate art, dazzling his audience with flights of fancy and psycho-analytical wisdom whose mysteries will never be fully fathomed. This sizzling display of poetry and philosophy, wit and insight, finds it central focus in one man, one very mortal man, perhaps the most complex creation in literary history, in whom every subsequent generation has found multiple reflections of itself. 
Not merely is Hamlet Shakespeare's longest play, and technically his most ambitious. As it lurches from comedy to tragedy, high art to low, violence to stillness, love to hatred, confusion to redemption, it tells the story of Everyman as never before or since, distilling as much individual and collective experience as can be contained in one frail, confused man of action, a poet-philosopher confronting all our own everyday problems while trying to solve one none of us will ever have to face."
- Anthony Holden, William Shakespeare  (1999 : 190-1)

Et ça continue comme ça pendant des lignes et des lignes et des lignes encore et encore et encore...

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